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Selection of Feeder / Glassbed

May 2, 2014 at 11:41 AM
I want to select whether select ADF or Glassbed. I wrote function like below

____Private Sub SetFeederEnabled(ByVal value As Boolean)
    Dim capID As Enumerations.Capability = Enumerations.Capability.Cap_FeederEnabled
    Dim twOneVal As New DataStructures.twOneValue

    twOneVal.ItemType = DataStructures.twCapability.CapType(capID)
    twOneVal.Item = value

    Dim cap As New DataStructures.twCapability(capID, twOneVal)


End Sub

Whatever value i pass in this function, may it be true / false. It always take feed from Feeder (ADF) only. I want to give option to user to select the source.
Please Help...